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Hosting Services

We provide email, web and domain hosting using the enterprise class Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu Linux operating systems in secure data centers in Brisbane and Tokyo. The data centers are connected via a gigabit ethernet, so your clients get fast access to your website and you get fast access to your email. Using one of our hosting packages, we can provide you with a complete web presence solution.

So, what is the basic package?

  • Tower CaseYour own domain name
  • Unlimited mail boxes
  • POP3 and webmail access
  • A managed Drupal website with its own MySQL database

Optional extras:

  • Secure server certificates
  • Ægir managed Drupal site
  • Dedicated Linode server for your Drupal site
  • Dedicated Linode servers for your own Ægir

Once your site runs on its own dedicated Linode server, you have access to source control tools such as git and you can run your own development, staging and production sites.

We have three hosting packages: