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OSV Education FOSS Catalog

Free Software for Schools - cover art work

Free Software for Schools is a catalogue of open source computer programs for teaching and learning.

The catalog is organised by the following categories, and contains an index that lists the name of each program listed.

  1. Office Productivity Applications
  2. Graphics
  3. Publishing
  4. Multimedia
  5. Scientific Applications
  6. Mathematical Applications
  7. Human Languages
  8. Computer Programming
  9. Educational Games
  10. Computer Infrastructure for Schools
  11. Information System Solutions
  12. Primary School Children

Note: The Catalog is being revised again. Download work in progress: [10.8mb]

The Free Software for Schools Catalogue was originally put together by Con Zymaris from Open Source Victoria.  Download the original here: [12.5mb]

The Catalog was revised in mid 2007 by Bryant Patten of the US based NCOSE project. Grab the revised edition here: [18.3mb]

A hardcopy can also be purchased from lulu or browsed online at yudu


Download the Source Files! (46mb zip file)