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Zing and the art of Facilitation

A new breed of technologies called groupware is helping organisations meet the challenges of change. Groupware is computer software that facilitates communication. It includes products such as Lotus Notes, e-mail and discussion groups, plus a class of products known as Group Decision Support Systems. Creative Contingencies uses a product called Anyzing, an Australian developed groupware system available from Zing Technologies.

Portable Anyzing setup Anyzing has been deployed in such diverse organisations as CSIRO, Boeing, RMIT, Westpac and the Australian Defence Force. It is used in many different ways, including knowledge management, customer focus groups and high level strategic planning.

Anyzing lends itself to brainstorming problems and solutions particularly well because it can gather and display large amounts of information. Participants find Anyzing easy to learn and are able to use it with just a few minutes training.

Users of Anyzing report that it allows a more systemic view of issues, increases the amount of information available to current power holders, and empowers the silent majority. It helps open up discussion, allowing more aspects of an issue to be canvassed. Participants work together; use the computer to provide meeting structure; collect, review and evaluate ideas; interpret those ideas in relation to current knowledge; and make decisions.

Anyzing User Interface Anyzing allows all participants to "Talk at once". Each person has their own window, or 'Playspace' where they type their ideas. These ideas are then submitted to the 'Teamspace' window. These windows are projected onto a large screen. There is a common focus and all activity is visible, nothing is hidden from view.

A web enabled version of the software, called Zingthing, is also available. Zingthing is a java based application that can link remote users logged on via the internet with a team using the portable system.

A customised agenda and process for each Anyzing session is developed in conjunction with the team or team leader to ensure that relevant questions are asked of the relevant people.

Using Zing To enable you to gain a better understanding of the Anyzing system and determine whether or not it would be appropriate in your environment, we would be happy to bring in our portable system and demonstrate how it works.

We provide Zing facilitation services, are an authorised Dealer of Zing Systems and we are an accredited Zing Systems training provider to help companies develop their own facilitator teams. We also host an Anyzing server for on-line meetings.

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