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CC shifts focus in new direction

Submitted by donna on 28 January, 2007 - 14:21

If you're not yet using Open Source in your business, school or office, it's time to ask why not. We'll be happy to help you make the move.

Our reliance on open source software here at Creative Contingencies is now almost total. With the exception of Zing Technologies, all our tools are open source. Zing is unique, and as yet, there is nothing like it in the Open Source world, but our connection with the Australian based developers of Zing takes the edge off the disadvantages normally experienced with proprietary software. We're not as free to use Zing as we would be if it were open source, but it is a best of breed product, and we are ultimately practical about getting the job done. When that comes to meeting facilitation, it's the people and process that counts.

So what's changed? We'll be focussing on Open Source consulting and solutions in future. Instead of ground-up customised web development, we'll leverage proven Open Source tools to speed up our development processes, and direct our customisation skills to new innovations, and client-specific needs and features.

We've discovered there's a need for Open Source Software distribution for those who are bandwidth deprived, so we're now offering to download key packages, burn it to media and express post it anywhere in Australia for a flat rate. International customers may also order discs for the extra cost of the air-mail postage.