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Growing your Business

Submitted by donna on 10 April, 2008 - 16:46

I spent this afternoon making this map of car parking options for next week's OSIA meeting, but couldn't get it to display on the OSIA website. Grrr.  So instead - I'm adding the information here, along with the map I did. I've also attached the inkscape SVG.

When: 7pm Thursday 17 April
Where: Innovation@257, Level One, Emirates House, 257 Collins Street, Melbourne
What: Melbourne OSV/OSIA Meeting

Presentation Topic
Growing your Business by Kevin Littlejohn of Obsidian Consulting 

Starting out on your own as a consultant, and building that into a small business, is a tough task - but what happens once you start hiring employees and growing larger? This talk examines one company's growth to 12 employees over the last 8 years. This isn't the gospel on how to run a business, but many of the issues we've faced will be common across IT companies generally.

Transport and Parking

Public Transport - The venue is in the heart of Melbourne's Central Business District and is easily reached by public transport. See for detailed information.

Map and details of where to park for the next OSIA meeting at Innovation@257 Collins St, Melb CBD Car Parking - The following car parks are in easy walking distance of Innovation@257

City Square - Premier Parking
202-208 Flinders Lane,
Open 24 hrs
$6.60 Evening Rate after 6pm

Flinders Gate - Kings Parking
172-192 Flinders Street (Alternate access via 195 Flinders Lane)
Closes Midnight
$10 Evening Rate after 4pm

Council House Car Park - Premier Parking
200 Little Collins St
Closes Midnight
$6.60 Evening Rate after 5pm

AXA House - Wilson Parking
416 Flinders Lane
Open 24 hrs
$6 per hour, $18 max after 4pm.

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