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Inkscaping for Fun and Profit

Submitted by donna on 16 July, 2008 - 13:49

screenshot of first slide of 'Inkscaping for Fun and Profit'Over the past few years I've presented different versions of this talk.

It's gradually improved with each rendition.

Download the ODP [3.8 mb] or PDF [2.16 mb] of the slides.

Here are the references at the end of the slides for easy access:

Basic Info (+ download and examples) - Official website

Wikipedia on Inkscape
Art and Examples from wikimedia commons

Inkscape Favourites from Deviant Art

Download Inkscape
- For Windows, MacOS Leopard, & Tiger, and the latest dev ubuntu .deb and there are packages for various fedora and suse versions, and you should be able to just apt-get, yum or yast as required.

Techniques, Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

Text Tricks
Range of Tutorials at Wordpress
Path Operations
Illustration Tutorial from Red Hat High
Screencasts from Heathen X
10 Good Inkscape Vector Tutorials

Tiled Clones

Bezier curves

Raikar Designs blog on Bezier Curves
Wikipedia Entry on Bezier Curve

Network Diagrams

Pretty network diagrams and flow charts with Open Source software
10 tips for creating good looking diagrams using inkscape