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K12 openminds conference

Submitted by donna on 26 September, 2008 - 14:49

 Tomorrow morning I'm doing a talk at the K12 Open Minds Conference in Indianapolis.

Grab a copy of the slides: OpenRoad.pdf, view the video - and follow these links to some of the references.

Photo Credits

  Darren Hester -
 - Green Apple on Books
 - Stack of Old Books
 - Green Apple

OLPC Pakistan
 - Teacher with Stick by Waqastoor
 - XO Doctors by Sulmanminhas

OLPC Oceania - Niue
 -  Boys with Laptops
 -  Under a Tree

OLPC Haiti

OLPC Nepal
 - Training Begins - by Dmayeux
 - Kids on stage with e-paati - OLE Nepal
 - E-paati - 

Collected Links Green Apple by Darren Hester -

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PDF icon OpenRoad-AuSakai.pdf5.24 MB