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ABC of FLOSSware

Submitted by donna on 23 November, 2008 - 23:10

Earlier this year there was a thread on the Linux Australia mailing list called 'technology alphabet'. It prompted me to have a go at creating an alphabet of Free and Open Source Software. If you're interested in adding to the list, just go ahead at

For the next three days I'll be at the VITTA conference. Tomorrow I'm doing a hands on Inkscape session, and for the rest of the time I'll be hanging out at the Linux Australia stand, spreading the word about great Free Software for Schools. So, this seemed like a good time to dig out the ABC of FLOSSware

A - Audacity, Abiword, Asterisk

B - Blender, BSD, Bazaar

C - Celestia, childsplay

D - Dia, Dasher, doxygen, dpkg, dopewars,

E - Eclipse, Emacs

F - Firefox, Fedora, F-spot, Freemind

G - GIMP, Gnome, Gnumeric, Gcompris, GNU

H - Hydrogen, hanzim

I - Inkscape, Ingres

J - Java, Jboss, Jahshaka, Jokosher

K - KDE, Koffice, Koha, Kompozer

L - Linux, LaTeX, Lynx, Lame, linphone, lilypond

M - Moodle, Mozilla, MySQL,

N - Nvu, nagios, nethack

O - OpenOffice, OpenLDAP

P - Python, Perl, PHP, Postgres

Q - Qt, qcad, quanta, quagga

R - Ruby, Red Hat, R

S - Scribus, SugarCRM, Suse, Stellarium

T - Thunderbird

U - Ubuntu, ultrastar-ng

V - VLC,vim,

W - Wine, Weka, Wengophone, Wesnoth

X - X, xplanet

Y - yacas, yum, ytalk

Z - Zope, Zend