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What "Plan C" do you need?

Submitted by donna on 14 August, 2021 - 18:16

The Creative Contingencies team have always worked from home.  We've also collaborated with global teams distributed around the planet, and across time zones.  

Last year, many people unfamiliar with open and distributed ways of working suddenly found themselves carving out space to work in their lounge rooms, at the kitchen table, sometimes even in their kids bedrooms.  It was challenging. It is challenging.

The global pandemic triggered by the spread of the latest coronavirus has prompted a mass acceleration of digital transformation across many industries that may not have previously felt the need to modernise their approach.

We used to do a lot of event management, but not so much these days, given events are virtually banned.

We still do web hosting. But that has become something of a commodity service these days, and there are many platforms to choose from.

So... what next for CC?

What "Plan C" do you need?