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Happy New Year

Submitted by donna on 1 January, 2016 - 11:49

Good morning 2016.

Look! There's 12 fresh shiny months stretched out before us. They are all filled with the promise of productivity, purpose and progress. 

New year's day is a great day to be reflective about the year ahead. It's not so much about planning, but more about pre-planning.

It's a holiday, so the usual noise of the day to day, go go go, has been hushed. 

I like the ideas in this post on, with tips on achieving more, by doing less.

I especially liked the idea of applying "MED" to everything. 

The “minimum effective dose” (MED) is the lowest dose of a pharmaceutical that spurs a clinically significant change in health or well-being. Look for the MED in everything: work, sleep, meditation, blogging frequency, checking email, school volunteering, homework help, date nights.

May your 2016 be great!


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