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OSIA@OpenCeBIT - courtesy of techtalk

Submitted by donna on 20 May, 2007 - 11:22

Tech Talk Radio Logo Whilst I was doing a stint on the OSIA stand at OpenCeBIT earlier this month, Adam Turner approached me for a vox pop response for his radio show on techtalk called view from the couch.

Adam told me he wanted a more general response than the spiel I was giving about Open Source software being good for business, so I spoke about and Firefox: cross platform open source softwae for everybody. He then asked if we were getting a good response. We were.

I've snipped out the relevant bit of his podcast using Audacity, and have included it here in the open OGG file format, and as an MP3 for those of you who don't yet have an ogg player.

File cebit-techtalk.ogg800.78 KB
Audio icon cebit-techtalk.mp3962.96 KB