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Open Source Census

Submitted by donna on 10 October, 2007 - 13:46

Stand Up and Be Counted - Open Source CensusThis morning Peter and I trundled off to the Waugh Partners Roadshow promoting their research initiative to poll the Open Source Industry and Community with a census.

As a board member of OSIA, I was privy to some of the planning of the census, as we are a major supporter of the initiative.

This census is important.

This research will, for the first time, provide real statistics on the nature, breadth and depth of the Australian FOSS landscape.

Instinctively, we know it's strong, and vibrant. Having real figures to back up that sense will make a difference to how we approach customers & government.

So, do you do Open Source? Are you a contributing member of the community? A business delivering Open Source solutions?  Do you use Open Source to deliver solutions for your customers? Is your critical business infrastructure built on FOSS?

Yes?  Then stand up and be counted.