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Aussiechix and GeekSpeaker

Submitted by donna on 28 May, 2008 - 13:58

Jacinta Richardson from Perl Training Australia pinged me today to say "I was looking through geekspeakr yesterday. You need to add more to your profile!" She was right - there wasn't much there, so I set about updating it. Paul Fenwick then suggested I needed a better photograph. "A picture of you looking happy would be good, or alternatively speaking into a microphone, or preferably both."  Which reminded me of the photo of me on LWN posted straight after in Melbourne this year.

Anyway - all of this is a ruse to upload some slides of a talk I did ages ago which I now can't find online and want to link to from geekspeakr.  This is the version I did for the education mini-conf in Dunedin in 2006 - which was adapted to also present at the Australian Computers in Education Conference in Cairns later that year.

I've also linked to the ODF - Our Document Future talk I did at Xtech in 2006 (hmmm - as I write this appears to be offline), and the Inkscape talk I just did at LUV this month - which I'll be repeating at the Ballarat Linux Users Group in July.

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