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Small Business in Victoria

Submitted by donna on 28 October, 2011 - 10:10

I've just discovered today is the deadline for making a submission to the Victorian Government on issues facing small business. If you're interested, and can find the time on a busy Friday, you might care to review the discussion paper and make your own submission.

Have your say on the future direction of small business policy and services in Victoria.

There are more than 495,000 active small businesses in Victoria1, contributing approximately 30 per cent of the State’s production2.

Through self-employment and employing others, small businesses are a significant source of job creation, providing nearly half (47 per cent) of the state’s private sector jobs - around 1.2 million jobs.

Most (62 per cent) active small businesses are start-ups, independent contractors or sole proprietors, and are increasingly home-based.

Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business

Responses are due by close of business today - 28 October 2011

Roger Arwas -
Executive Director Small Business Victoria

Here is the list of questions asked in the discussion paper. But it also asks for submissions on any other areas of interest or concern pertaining to small business in Victoria.

  1. What are the major taxation, regulatory or compliance burdens facing your business? What are the specific issues that impede your business productivity and growth? What effect will a carbon price have on your business?
  2. Has your business or industry sector been impacted by policy areas that were traditionally regulated by State Governments now being regulated nationally?
  3. As a small business owner, what type(s) of information or advice is hardest to find?
  4. How easy or difficult is it for you to access information about Government grants and other assistance programs?
  5. How can the Government improve access to information and advice for small businesses?
  6. Have you used the services of, the Victorian Business Centres or the Small Business Information Centre/Shopfront? Are these services useful for your business?
  7. Have you used any of Small Business Victoria’s programs and services? How could these programs and services be improved? What types of small business support services would you find most useful?
  8. What are the major barriers to accessing business finance and have you found it harder to manage cash flow since the Global Financial Crisis? Are you aware of the Business Loan Finder and is it a useful tool?
  9. What workforce skills are hardest to find or retain? What are the main barriers to finding and keeping the right staff?
  10. What are the significant workplace relations/OHS issues confronting your business? Have these issues risen or fallen in importance in recent years?
  11. Are you finding that your workforce is getting older? What opportunities or challenges does this present?
  12. As a business owner, are you considering sale or succession of your business? If so, what information or advice do you need?
  13. What information or advice would be most valuable for small businesses to help them prepare for and manage risks associated with a natural disaster? What can Government do to assist?
  14. What are the major barriers for small businesses engaging with large purchasers – including with Government?
  15. Is alternative dispute resolution of the type provided by the Victorian Small Business Commissioner the most effective way for small businesses to resolve their business to business disputes and minimise business disruption?
  16. Does your business use the internet extensively? If so, what for? If not, what are the major barriers (e.g. cost, skills, access to reliable services etc.)?
  17. What support or information could the Victorian Government provide for your business to help improve its export readiness and competitiveness?
  18. What are the major challenges faced by small business franchisors and franchisees? How can Government assist?
  19. Do you know of any Government services for small business offered elsewhere that could be considered for Victoria?
  20. What Government support would be most valuable to help Victorian small businesses address current challenges and what should be the principal role of a State small business department?