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AussieChix are LinuxChix

Submitted by donna on 9 March, 2007 - 14:31

AussieChix are LinuxChix - logo for the new Australian ChapterAussieChix officially launched yesterday, co-inciding with International Women's Day. Melissa Draper wrote an article for the OSTG network which was published, and widely syndicated yesterday

  Australia's LinuxChix unite to form AussieChix

And news of our online launch party filtered through the blogosphere. I was nominated to be the media 'spokeschick' and have already fielded 3 responses. These have come as a result of direct contact with journos who cover the Open source space, in response to our media release, and prompted by Melissa's article on

It's pretty exciting to be involved at this stage. I can't remember now how I first heard about the Melbourne chapter of LinuxChix, but I'm glad I did. The fact it is has been enveloped into this greater whole is a good thing in my view.

I strongly believe that Aussie Chix has the potential to make a strong and significant contribution to our local FLOSS community, and the more we can work together on that... the better it will be.