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OSIA@CeBIT and other adventures in Open Sourcedom

Submitted by donna on 3 May, 2007 - 01:42

Open Source Industry AustraliaI've been up in Sydney at OpenCeBIT this week. It's been interesting, and there's still one day to go.

I've met some good people, and I hope I get the opportunity to work with some of them on some of the projects I'm involved in.

I haven't really had a good look around the rest of the exhibition yet, so there's not much to report about CeBIT in general, however the Open Source area has been pretty successful. Quite a few of the exhibitors in the Open CeBIT pavillion are members of Open Source Industry Australia,  It's been great to point this out to visitors to the OSIA stand.

 My pitch is this..

"OSIA is the industry assocation for aussie businesses delivering open source solutions. Our members use, sell, service and support open source software implementations as consultants, trainers, integrators and hardware specialists.  We engage with each other and with the development community to provide great value and outstanding service to our clients and their customers. If your business is in open source, join us, if your business needs open source, hire us. Deal with an OSIA member."

I reckon Waugh Partners should be feeling pretty pleased with themselves for putting OpenCeBIT together. It's an impressive effort to bring this together, and judging from some of the coverage coming out of today's eGov conference, Open Source is now on many people's radar. Kudos guys.